Delta Purification commercial products are designed to meet the cleanup purification targets of liquids such as ethanol, glycol and solvent industrial applications in the field of clean energy and biomass oil extraction.

The pre-engineered standard sized commercial models are:

  1. Delta Solvent Reclaiming SystemTM
  2. Delta Glycol Reclaiming SystemTM
  3. Delta CBD Reclaiming SystemTM

These modular systems are a cost-effective means to meet production and cleanup targets at reduced utility consumption, reduced emissions to atmosphere, and reduced waste for disposal. The main advantages of Delta Purification Systems’ in comparison to existing technologies and processes are:

  • Compact modular design
  • Lowest capital expenditure, CAPEX
  • Lowest operating expenditure, OPEX
  • Reduced waste for disposal
  • Reduced utility consumption
  • Reduced installation and maintenance costs
  • Reduced required heat to prevent damage of the chemical attributes of the CBD molecule
  • High product recovery and purity 
  • Operate as a contentious operation verses Semi-batch operation 
  • Easy transport, install and operate