Delta Reclaimer with Natural Gas

Delta Purification is an Original Equipment Manufacture “(OEM)” company who offers the best technology available for purifying liquid streams in the field of oil, gas, chemical, and petrochemical industries. Delta Purification offers 2 commercial products in the following fields:

  • Reclaiming solvents, such as single, mixed, and formulated amines, used in natural gas processing, biogas processing, and post-combustion CO2 capturing processes.
  • Reclaiming glycols, such as Mono-ethylene glycol and Tri-ethylene glycol, used for natural gas dehydration processes.

A modular design approach was developed for all Delta products in order to reduce capital and operating expenditures, CAPEX and OPEX, of the plants. For medium size plants, multiple process skids, such as utility process skid and process unit skid, are combined to create the complete plant.

The benefits of this modular design approach are:

  • The process units are fabricated and tested in a controlled environment prior to shipment.
  • Cost effective to transport to the site.
  • Small footprint, flexible equipment arrangement, and accessible layout.

Delta Purification’s objective is to provide cost-effective industrial solutions to meet the cleanup targets, and increase the customers’ profitability at minimum emissions to atmosphere and minimum effluents/waste for disposal.

A Delta Reclaimer Integration at Searles Valley Minerals, Trona, California, USA